💰 Referral Program

GoPulseX (opens in a new tab) Referral Program

Don't just save, but also earn commissions on every swap!

Save your following money - earn .25% on top!

Everyone who clicks on your referral link becomes your referee. 0.25% of everything they swap instantly gets sent to your wallet. Fully automated, 100% on-chain decentralized & unstoppable.

You're free to do whatever you want with that money and post whatever you want about GoPulseX

How to get your Referral link

To get your referral link simply open GoPulseX (opens in a new tab) > connect your wallet > click on the 3 dots at the top right > Referral.

If you are a well-known influencer you can also get a customized referral link like GoPulseX.com/coffee. Various Hexicans like CryptoCoffee, Mati Allin, K4Kcrypto, Sammy Chica, Hexlena and FundingGym already have their own! To apply simply DM us (opens in a new tab)


Can I use the Referral Program anonymously?

Yes! No need to register, doxx, KYC, sign-up or involve any personal information. The way crypto was meant to be used.

Does the Referral Program make GoPulseX a Ponzi/MLM?

No, because the GoPulseX Referral Program only has one level. Amazon and Tesla also have (single level) referral programs, are they a Ponzi? Single level Referral Programs are simply a great marketing tool that have the potential to bring PulseX a lot of Volume for accelerated PLSX buy & burn!

Can I create links to buy specific tokens?

Yes! You can specify

Which token to buy
Which token to sell
How many tokens to swap
Referral address

Example links to buy INC:


You can also create links to sell specific assets:


Or combine both:


Or combine with a referral address:


Or specify how many tokens to swap:


Or go wild and combine everything:


Explosive Volume by Competition

GoPulseX is by far PulseX's most impactful pumpamental.

If you click on Alice's referral link you instantly become her referee and she gets 0.25% of everything you're swapping. If you click on Bob's link later, you'll instead be his referee from then on. Everybody with a referral link has to out-shill each other, creating some nice competition that results in a bunch of volume and PLSX buy & burn. Everybody wins!