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The PulseChain Suite's Official Wiki

This Wiki contains information, help and step-by-step instructions for everything on GoPulse.com (opens in a new tab).

About GoPulse

GoPulse was founded in May 2023 - only a couple days after the PulseChain Mainnet launched. Initially called PLSburn.com and only showing a couple of basic statistics it quickly grew into The PulseChain Suite - a fully fledged suite of tools with a direct PLS on-ramp (opens in a new tab), Portfolio tracker (opens in a new tab), HEX frontend (opens in a new tab) and so on.

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Core Values

We strongly believe in anonymity, privacy, the right to freely transact and exchange. Open and permissionless, transparent and accountable, without any borders, discrimination or censorship. We do not, and never will, collect or store any personal data. Needless to say, we also believe in Richard Heart's ecosystem and the enormous potential of cryptocurrencies in general.

Our mission is to onboard 8 Billion users to PulseChain through seamless user experiences.

No registration
No ads
100% free to use
Privacy friendly
No duct taped shitcoin

If you want to invest in GoPulse buy PLS (opens in a new tab)

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