🔐 On-chain Privacy

How to stay private on-chain

Pro Tip: exchanging crypto A for crypto B on GoPulse.com/buy (opens in a new tab) breaks the on-chain link!

Want anonymity for Bitcoin, Ethereum or PulseChain?

Use a different output than input address for that. Even if somebody knows your input address (where you currently hold crypto A in) they have no way of finding the output address (where you receive crypto B).

Alice has 10 ETH in an address Bob knows. Now Alice uses GoPulse.com/buy (opens in a new tab) to exchange them for PLS with another "receive address" that she owns. Bob cannot find that address by digging through Etherscan. In fact, he has no way of finding out where Alice's PLS went!


How to anonymize your PLS by breaking the on-chain link

Have some PLS

Open GoPulse.com/buy (opens in a new tab)

Swap your PLS for Monero (XMR)

Monero is like Bitcoin, but untraceable

Wait 1 to 24h

Create a new PulseChain address

Within your wallet (like MetaMask (opens in a new tab))

Open GoPulse.com/buy (opens in a new tab) again

Swap your XMR back to PLS

Use your new address as output

Done! Nobody knowing your old PLS address can find your new PLS address. There is no way of tracking the money flow on-chain. Privacy secured!