🆔 Sync your Portfolio

Synchronize your Portfolio across Devices

By default all of your Portfolio data (Addresses, Assets, Custom Balances...) are only stored locally on the device you entered them into. All of the following is optional


How to enable automatic synchronization across all of your devices

Open GoPulse.com/portfolio (opens in a new tab)

Click on "Edit" (top right)

Click on "Export"

Click on "Reveal my GoPulse ID"

This allows your locally stored Portfolio data to leave your device.

Copy your 8 digit long GoPulse ID

Anyone with your ID can see and edit your Portfolio!

Even if you accidentally reveal your GoPulse ID to a third party, it can only see which addresses are part of your Portfolio but not spend your funds.

Open GoPulse.com/portfolio (opens in a new tab) on a new device

Click "Login with GoPulse ID"

Enter / paste your GoPulse ID

Shortcut: ⌘ + V

That's it! Now your portfolio automatically synchronizes across both of your devices.

You can login with your GoPulse ID on as many devices as you want!