Frequently Asked Questions

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I have an idea for a feature

Please tell us about your idea on Twitter (opens in a new tab)!


We do not, and never will, collect or store any personal data.

GoPulse also uses an open source, privacy-first RPC to fetch all on-chain data.

Can we sponsor GoPulse? Can we use your API?


Shoutouts are always appreciated, but GoPulse does not accept any monetary donations.

Use your money to buy PLS (opens in a new tab) instead.

Is GoPulse a fork?

GoPulse is one of the few projects on PulseChain that's not a fork, it was built from the ground up by our amazing dev team to ensure everything perfectly aligns with our vision.

There are no similar projects that could have been forked, so our developer team decided to do the hard thing and built everything in-house. You can even see that the frontend looks like no other, GoPulse really is one of a kind! The result is a custom tailored, pixel perfect suite of tools that not just looks, but also feels amazing to use!

PulseChain & PulseX are both forks and good projects. Just because a project was forked (and not built from ground-up) doesn't mean it's bad.

Mobile Apps

iOS App?

Simply open GoPulse.com (opens in a new tab) in Safari > Share > Add to Home Screen > Add

Android App?

Simply open GoPulse.com (opens in a new tab) in Chrome > 3 dots at the top right > Add to Home screen > Add

Homepage (opens in a new tab)

Why is there no Volume / Liquidity shown for PLS?

Because almost every pair on PulseX trades against PLS those numbers would be inflated. Showing them could confuse new users. It's comparing apples to oranges.

CoinGecko shows other prices than GoPulse?

All of the data shown on GoPulse is live, directly pulled from on-chain, while coinranking sites such as CoinGecko rely on inaccurate pricing data from CEXs.

Why is there no amount of burned PLS shown?

GoPulse.com (opens in a new tab) showed the amount of burned PLS in the beginning. That data was fetched directly from on-chain, based on the PLS balance of the 3 main burn addresses:


Most of those burns came from the Genesis Validator (opens in a new tab) set, which voluntarily burned its rewards from transaction gas fees.

Once the 4096 Genesis Validators exited there were no new voluntary burns, only native EIP1559 burns. Those can be tracked in real time on GoPulse.com/blocks (opens in a new tab). Calculating historic EIP1559 PLS burns is hard. Until we get those calculations done, the amount of burned PLS is currently hidden on the homepage as it might be misleading.

Why is the amount of burned PLSX different than the one PulseX shows?

app.PulseX.com/burn only includes PLSX burns from LPs (around 90% of all burned PLSX). GoPulse.com (opens in a new tab) also includes PLSX that were sent to the burn addresses


Anyone can burn any amount of any token at any time by sending tokens to a burn address. This effectively destroys them forever, so make sure you know what you are doing!

Portfolio (opens in a new tab)

My favorite token is not showing up

Most tokens that can be tracked by GoPulse.com/portfolio (opens in a new tab) are disabled by default to make your Portfolio load faster. You can enable them by going to Edit (top right) > Assets > Choose Ethereum/Pulsechain > enable all assets you own > Close (top right). You only have to do this once.

I want to track an unsupported token

Make sure it has

  • Website with all important information
  • Enough liquidity on Uniswap or PulseX
  • Is being actively traded and has a large enough community

Then tell us about your token on Twitter (opens in a new tab) so we can add support for it.

How are the prices of Perpetual Tokens calculated?

Since July 16th 2023 the prices of BASE, TRIO, LUCKY, DECI & MAXI are not based on the current market price, but rather the market value of their underlying HEX.

This is because the prices are fairly volatile but always oscillating around the proportional value of the underlying HEX Stake.

Learn More (opens in a new tab)

Mint (opens in a new tab)

I minted a token, how can I add a logo?

Tokens don't actually have logos themselves because storing pictures on-chain is too expensive.

scan.PulseChain.com shows only logos of "official", Richard Heart approved tokens.

If you want etherscan to show a token logo you have to send them your logo.

If you want coingecko to show a token logo you have to send them your logo.

If you want to see a token logo in MetaMask you have to create a website with an "Add Token" button.

I minted a token, how can I renounce ownership?

No need to renounce because tokens minted on GoPulse.com/mint (opens in a new tab) have no admin keys in the first place.