GoPulseX (opens in a new tab) Frequently Asked Questions


How can I save / earn money with GoPulseX?

  • Save money every swap thanks to GoPulseX's advanced routing with better rates
  • Hold PLS to benefit from accelerated burn due to higher network usage
  • Hold PLSX to benefit from accelerated buy & burn
  • Provide LP on PulseX (opens in a new tab) to benefit even more from higher volume
  • Earn 0.25% of all your referees' swaps

Why is GoPulseX better than PulseX?

Most swaps on GoPulseX get routed through PulseX V1 or V2 because most of PulseChain's on-chain liquidity sits there so GoPulseX is not a PulseX competitor, but rather a better PulseX frontend.

Access to multiple markets, DEXs, AMMs and DeFi protocols to provide optimal rates
Faster & more efficient routing
Referral Program
Automatic Flashbot-, MEV- and Sandwich-Attack Protection to reduce slippage by up to 50%!
Integrated into the GoPulse ecosystem
Cleaner, user-friendly UI. Great for onboarding new users to PulseX!
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

GoPulseX is your gateway to a superior PulseX experience.

What is a DEX?

A DEX is a valuable tool for swapping cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner while maintaining full custody of funds and anonymity. Unlike traditional centralized exchanges "CEXs", DEXs allow users to trade crypto assets directly from their wallets.

What is a DEX Router?

A DEX Router enables you to automatically find the best possible rates and lowest transaction costs across multiple DEXs. It sources liquidity from multiple DEXs, offering users more favorable token swap rates than on any single exchange. By leveraging multiple liquidity sources, GoPulseX optimizes swap fees, token prices, and minimizes slippage, resulting in better rates for users.

In addition to offering competitive rates, DEX routers aim to protect users from price impact and reduce the likelihood of failed transactions. By aggregating liquidity and optimizing the swap process, GoPulseX delivers a seamless and secure trading experience.

How many PLS / PLSX get burned?

No matter which tokens get swapped on GoPulseX - PLS & PLSX get burned either way:

0.0609% (0.29% * 0.21%) of all swaps routed through PulseX get used to buy & burn PLSX. Another 0.22% goes to Liquidity Providers.

Every single swap on GoPulseX also burns PLS - no matter which DEX it gets routed through. The amount depends on current network usage.


Can I see price charts on GoPulseX?

Yes! To see an advanced price chart of the token you want to buy, simply click on the 3 dots at the top right of GoPulseX.com (opens in a new tab), then select "Chart".

GoPulseX doesn't support price charts for imported tokens yet. Please also make sure that you have no stablecoin selected as output!

Can I delete my Swap History?

Your Swap History never leaves your device. It also only stores your last 30 swaps. You can open it by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of GoPulseX.com (opens in a new tab), then selecting "History".

To delete it simply clear your browser's cache. Please note that Swaps still can be seen on-chain.

More about Privacy


Can I trade tokens on Ethereum?

Not yet. We plan to expand GoPulseX to Ethereum as soon as possible!

Can I use GoPulseX to wrap and unwrap PLS?

Yes! Simply select PLS as input and WPLS as output to wrap your PLS. This also works the other way around.

You can also click on (or even bookmark) these links:

Wrap: GoPulse.com/x?out=WPLS

Unwrap: GoPulse.com/x?in=WPLS

Do I have to re-approve tokens everytime a new DEX gets added?

No! That's one of the many advantages of using a DEX Router.

Even though approving tokens on PulseChain costs less than $0.01 in gas fees, it affects UX as new users need to sign 2 seperate transactions to swap PRC20 tokens.

Once you have approved GoPulseX to swap some token of yours, you won't have to re-approve everytime a new DEX/AMM gets launched.