ℹ️ Step by Step

How to swap on GoPulseX (opens in a new tab) - Step by Step

Get a Wallet

MetaMask (opens in a new tab) works fine, Coinbase Wallet (opens in a new tab) is a good alternative. GoPulseX works with hundreds of different web3 wallets, so if you already have one go ahead to the next step.

Get some PLS

You'll need PLS to pay for gas fees - usually less than $0.01 per Swap. You can buy PLS on GoPulse.com/buy (opens in a new tab)

More about buying PLS

Open GoPulseX.com (opens in a new tab)

On the same device you have your wallet installed

Connect your Wallet

You don't have to do this if you're already connected to GoPulse.com

Select which tokens to swap

You can swap any token on PulseChain. Simply click on one of the 2 dropdowns, then search for the token you want to swap. You can search by token name, ticker or contract address.

Type in how many tokens you want to swap

Enter the number of source tokens you want to swap

Click on Swap

Then confirm within your wallet and wait a few seconds

πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, you completed your first swap on GoPulseX!

You can also revoke token approvals after transaction confirmation to further secure your wallet. When doing so you'll have to re-approve before your next Swap.